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    Ordering the right size of corset is much different than ordering other types of lingerie or undergarments. Instead of ordering the corset using your bra or dress size, you must order it by waist measurement. However, you must order your corset smaller than your actual measurement, because the size of the corset is taken when it is completely laced closed.
    for Jacquard body shapers, body suit and vest long torso 2-3 sizes
    Smaller than your waist size
    for 3 rows and 6 rows  3-4 sizes Smaller then your waist size
  • Please Do Not use your General Clothes size to guess your Waist Trainer size. Please measure your waist using a soft measuring tape

  • Measure your waist when you slightly suck-in your tummy and use this measurement to compare against the size chart of this item

  • Please kindly note this Corset is mold into an hourglass shape, so if your underbust is dramatically smaller than your waist, you need to go down 1 size in order to make sure your underbust is not too lose when you wear the corset. If your underbust is not dramatically smaller than your waist, please just use the slight sucked in waist measurement to select your size of this item
    Still having a hard time finding the right size of your corset?
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