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    How to Order?
    Please view our how to order page

    What are the payment options available?
    We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfers and Money Transfers even 7-11 payments and cash on delivery. 

    How do i send my payment via credit card?
    Add to cart your items and checkout, on the payment method click paypal and the paypal link will appear.
    on the right side below you will see a link "pay via credit card" under "pay via paypal" input your details and it will be automatically credited on your account.

    How soon can i receive my order?

    We will ship after 24-48 hours after payment is verified. We do not ship on Sundays and Holidays.

    When is payment expected?
    Payment is expected two banking days after order is placed. Unpaid orders after the two day reservation period will be cancelled.Should you wish for extension, just let us know.

    Is this item available?
    You can check the availability of items real time on our website.
    When you click the item you like, quantity of current stock available is noted on each product.

    I already sent my payment, what to do next?
    Please send us a copy of your receipt once payment has been made at

    Following this format:

    Full Name
    Amount Paid
    Order Reference Number
    Proof of payment
    Payment method

    We will send an email confirmation regarding your order once we received your payment slip.

    Do you have a minimum purchase?

    Can I request/suggest a product?

    Yes! We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share product requests with us via email at info@icahonlineshop.com
    While we strive to carry a mix of in-demand products for our customers please keep in mind we cannot guarantee every customer request.

    email us at info@icahonlineshop.com